We are your One Stop Shop for EVERYTHING The State of Florida requires for a concealed Weapons Permit. We provide the classroom / online Gun Safety Course, Shooting Range (gun and ammo provided), and Fingerprinting, all this is included in the low price of $125.  When you complete the online class and range, you will have everything that you need. You can then apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons License.  We provide you with the opportunity to complete the process quickly and efficiently.  The gun safety and shooting will be conducted at a local gun range (no firearm purchase necessary; we provide the gun and ammo). 

$125 per student includes the following:

Firearm’s Basic Safety Course with range time included (State Required)
Firearm, ammo, eye/ear protection will be provided for use during this course
Fingerprinting Services completed ONSITE during this course (Only available to those students taking this full course – No Exceptions)
State application packet (All state required paperwork will be completed during this course)

Discounts offered (with proof) to Military Soldiers, Law Enforcement personnel (sworn and non-sworn), Fire/Rescue personnel and NRA members.  Group discounts available for 5 or more. Call or email for more info. cmkscreening@aol.com

We are located in BROWARD between MIAMI DADE and PALM BEACH COUNTIES. This course and training will satisfy the State of Florida Requirement for a Concealed Firearms License. The Average processing time for applications is approximately 5 weeks from the time the completed application is mailed to Tallahassee!!! Expedited service is also available (saving approximately 10 days of processing time), but requires you to make a trip to the division of licensing regional office (currently closed until further notice) to submit your application electronically (appointment required).  All processing times may take longer depending on high volume and / or other factors.

Upon completion of this course, if you take advantage of the fingerprinting and photo services, you will have everything** you need to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons License.

**The State of Florida Fee’s of $97 (to process your application, fingerprints, and background check) payable by check or money order are separate from this class and are not included. These State Fee’s are mailed in with your application and therefore are not necessary to bring to class. Currently the Florida Concealed Weapons License is valid in over 35 States for a 7 year term for those who qualify. Renewals are currently $45. Applicants must be at least 21 years old and a US Citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident with Valid Green Card. (U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents from any U.S. state or territory may apply for the Florida Concealed Weapons License).

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