Background Employment Investigations

Background investigations are precautions that must be given appropriate attention. Background checks often produce unexpected information about job applicants, including criminal records, gaps of employment not stated on the application, and non-existent degrees. Even if such information is not serious enough to immediately eliminate a prospective employee from consideration, such data can be very important when dealing with a close competition between a number of qualified candidates.

A background Investigation checks the fact on resumes. They cannot always be trusted. It has been estimated that over one-third of all resumes contain some sort of factual inaccuracy. Such data in a background check is enough to give any employer a certain amount of confidence when evaluating applications. Many of these inaccuracies have to do with dates of employment. Some erroneous pieces of information are simply due to errors by applicants, while others are made in an effort to cover up subpar credentials, these include false job titles and embellished work histories. No matter the cause of these errors, employers must be sure to obtain accurate information about applicants seeking employment with their companies.

A background check from CMK Investigation will give you the employer:  motor vehicle driving records, Nationwide and Canada criminal record reports, national sex offender registry status, Social Security Number Verification and credit history checks.

All of this will help your company to get a better read on prospective employees. 

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